Carz R' Us


Carz R Us provides complete diesel repair and towing services for trucks, trailers, buses, pick-ups, and RVs. Family owned and operated since 2009, we do everything from basic oil changes to major engine overhauls.

Our Diesel Services Include:

  • Service and repair of trucks, trailers, and pick-ups
  • Engines, brakes, and drive trains
  • Fleet maintenance
  • RVs and generator service and repair
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Tire sales and flat repairs
  • Hydraulic Service
    • Your diesel engine plays a major role in your vehicle, so it is especially important that you be aware of problems and seek repairs immediately. Because diesel engines make a considerable amount of noise during normal, everyday operation, diagnosing diesel engine problems can be hard to do if you are listening in on the engine. However, there are a number of symptoms you can watch out for that indicate your diesel engine needs maintenance. A diesel engine running at lower RPMs or a hard-to-start engine are signs of low fuel pressure, but these signs may also be symptoms of an insufficient fuel supply or poor fuel quality. Allowing our staff to troubleshoot your diesel engine can help ensure that the proper repair procedures are followed to repair the engine. Every diesel engine manufacturer requires different preventive maintenance procedures, so referring to your owner’s manual will help in planning and scheduling routine maintenance services. Keeping all diesel engine components—glow plugs, fuel injectors, and turbochargers—in proper working order will increase the life of your diesel engine system while promoting overall vehicle maintenance.