Carz R' Us

Digital Vehicle Health Inspection & the Benefits to Our Clients

Carz R’ Us performs a detailed digital health inspection with every service. This inspection includes pictures of the overall health condition of your vehicle and identifies areas that are in good shape, along with those that may require immediate and future service.
The purpose of this inspection is to assist our clients in creating a preventative and regular maintenance budget, provide visual information to help understand our recommendations, and to provide education about each recommendation. For example, if your vehicle has a brake light bulb that is not working, it is our job to find this in our inspection and to make you aware of this issue. Whether you want us to fix it is completely up to you, but if you had left our shop and received a ticket for the light because we did not inform you, then we did not do our job. If something is found in the inspection that cannot be seen in a picture, such as a loose wheel bearing or a ball joint, we will make a video and send it to you, our client, as well.

This inspection, although complimentary, provides an enormous value. The staff at Carz R’ Us spend as much time with you as needed to assist you in understanding the recommended maintenance and repairs from your personalized inspection. Carz R’ Us prides itself on making your vehicle as cost effective as possible. This means that by recommending services in advance, and at a preventative mileage, our clients can budget for maintenance. When maintenance is not performed, automotive shops can only react to broken parts. This is costly and frustrating for the client as their vehicle is always in need of repair. An easily understood analogy is the replacement of your furnace filter; the filter should be changed often and if the filter is dirty, it should have already been replaced.

Once you partner with Carz R’ Us on any of our recommendations you will receive pictures of the work performed on your vehicle. You will not have to ask yourself “did I actually need that” or “was that actually replaced”? Once you see the pictures of the old and new parts you will know, through visual evidence, why this job was recommended. Peace of mind and trust are worth a lot and we make sure you have both through our detailed process.

If you would like more information on our digital inspection, preventative maintenance plans, or have any questions please e-mail or call us and we will be happy to assist you further. (815) 401-4168