Carz R' Us

Carz R’ Us is very fortunate in our ability to offer quality financing to our customers. This is something that can assist to have necessary repairs performed that may not have otherwise been affordable, but also gives customers flexibility in how they decide to pay for their repairs. There are several programs that are offered through our partnerships for financing.

Any invoice over $250 qualifies as a purchase that is eligible for financing. Applications take a couple minutes and can be submitted at Carz R’ Us or over the phone. Approval is almost immediate so we know if all, part or none of the job has been approved for financial assistance. This option for financing is a credit card and can be used for any future services. Services of $250 or more are eligible for the 6 month, 0% defferred interest.

The options for financing are over $250 you can choose 6-months same as cash (pay this off before the 6-months are over or the interest accrued during the term is added to the amount owed. If paid within the 6-months there is no interest paid) or invoices over $750 qualify for zero percent interest for 12-months. A fee of 7% for 12-months is charged at time of purchase. Minimum payments are required for the 12-months zero interest, but both of these options offer great payment arrangements that will save you money.

Our other option is a local company and they are great with working with your particular situation. If you wish to build credit it is a great idea to acquire a credit line through our local partner and ask for that line to be increased every 6-months or so. With this approach you will have the credit available when the need arises and have a great option to work with as a safeguard to keep you safe and on the road.

Most importantly, if there are three items needed now and they are not addressed in three months they are going to be worse and now it could be a much more expensive repair. Having repairs performed when recommended saves you a ton of money over the life of your vehicle as you are performing preventative rather than reactive maintenance. Please call, email or stop in to inquire further about our financing options and to apply.