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Mixing Nitrogen and Air Inside Your Vehicle Tires- is it Safe?

Maintaining proper tire care is crucial – tires are your car’s only contact with the road and an important part of your vehicle. But, if you’ve ever been stranded with a flat tire, you know first-hand that the tires don’t carry the weight of the vehicle, the inflation pressure inside the tire does!

At Carz R’ Us, customers often ask if it’s safe to mix air with nitrogen-filled tires. The answer is yes, regular air can be used to top-off tires that are filled with nitrogen.

Tires are typically inflated with air that’s a combination of nitrogen, oxygen and miscellaneous gases, and can be easily topped off with compressed air. However, some car dealerships or tire retailers might sell tires 100% nitrogen filled citing that this will reduce corrosion and improve tire life. While the tire may come filled with nitrogen, it can be difficult to find places that offer nitrogen top-offs.

Topping off a nitrogen-filled tire with compressed air does not negate all of the benefits of nitrogen inflation. A tire that is mixed with nitrogen and air still retains some of the benefits of a nitrogen-filled tire and has fewer consequences of a completely air-filled tire.

Whether your tires are filled with nitrogen or air, using the correct inflation pressure not only provides the appropriate load capacity, it also enhances the tire’s performance, durability and contribution to vehicle fuel economy.

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