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About Carz R’ Us

Carz R’ Us is an Automotive Service Center that is focused on providing the best possible experience for our clients. Every team member plays an important role in this experience, therefore, we always expect professionalism. We have a great work environment with the benefit of being open 8-5 M-F, allowing you to have the family time you deserve. Please check out our website at and our “team member” video to see and hear more about why you will love working as a part of the Carz R’ Us team.


Technician with the following skills/attributes:

We are looking for a team player to join the Carz R Us family. This person must have desire to go above and beyond with any project or task at hand. A positive attitude is a must and the ability to communicate well with coworkers and management is required. We are looking for someone who is willing to come in early and leave late when needed and join the Carz R Us family for social events. Candidates should have the following:

Required Job Skills:

  • General level of automotive knowledge
  • Quick at learning and retaining new information
  • Takes direction
  • Good listener
  • Career oriented, desire for further education and career advancements
  • Automotive schooling (not required, but highly recommended)
  • Good with electronics (i.e. tablets, smart phones, internet research, etc.)

Required personality traits:

  • Positive attitude
  • Professionalism
  • Self-motivated
  • Confident decision maker
  • Enjoy fast paced environment
  • Attention to detail


1. Work with assigned technician for training period (time varies)
2. Perform quality inspections on all vehicles entering a bay
3. Change oil & filter
4. Rotate, balance, patch/plug & replace tires
5. Bring in vehicles for other technicians and rack/have ready for job
6. Bring parts to vehicles/bays
7. Sweep bays daily (especially bay 1 in front – keep it looking nice)
8. Clean/scrub bays – minimum once per month
9. Empty oil drums daily
10. Empty and refill all flush machines
11. Put away oil filters, shop supplies and other deliveries
12. Tell front end when any materials/parts are low (oil filters, brake clean, etc.)
13. Put tools away
14. Put equipment away
15. Take out garbage and recycling
16. Old parts to garbage or scrap
17. Tell front end when cores are ready for pick-up
18. Clean furnaces in spring and fall (time based on weather)
19. Change furnace filter on 1st of month
20. Adjust timer for outside lights on 1st of month
21. Perform shop end of day procedure – see attached eod list
22. Call on tire disposal when more than 10 used tires are present (typically 2 x’s per month)
23. Have carts ready with fluids and chemicals for start of day
24. Put pen and pen caddy in each vehicle
25. Put a floor mat and seat cover in each vehicle before pulling it in
26. Clean parts washer once per month
27. Snow removal around doors (front first, then rear of building)
28. Sweep around building and pick up trash, cigarette butts, etc.
29. Mow
30. Make sure all outside cars are locked or pulled in
31. Clean equipment as needed
32. Any other work as assigned

Later once person is trained – future goals
1. Alignment check on all drop-off/pick-up vehicles and waiters if time allows
2. Check one tire balance on each vehicle inspected

Hourly wage will be determined by knowledge/skills

Please fill out this APPLICATION and email WITH resum to INFO@CARZRUS.NET and will will follow up with you.


Carz R’ Us