Carz R' Us

After-Market Warranty

We work with ALL after-market warranty companies and handle all the work for you. All communication with your warranty company will be handled by our trained staff so you do not have to explain what service is needed and “try” and get it approved. All you are required to do is pay the deductible and we will handle the rest.

Rental Cars

Carz R’ Us has vehicle rentals for half price being $19.99 per day with unlimited miles. This is a service that has provided many customers the one piece missing when having their vehicle serviced: how do I handle my daily duties while I am without my vehicle? Vehicle rentals can be for a day to provide convenience, for situations where a part needed is not in stock or the vehicle is unsafe or for jobs that are larger and take several days such as rebuilding a motor.

Through the rental car provided we are able to have you picked up or provide you transportation to the rental car location so you save time. Our goal is for your day to have as little interruption as possible. No one wants to be without a vehicle and have to miss appointments, picking up the kids or other important tasks so we remove this from the equation and make it very cost effective.

After Hours Drop Box

Carz R’ Us provides you the luxury of dropping your vehicle off at any time and any day of the week. Our convenient and secure drop box is located in the middle of our facility on the service door with a mailbox and envelopes next to it. All you must do is fill out the envelope with your contact information and the vehicle needs and we will call you the next day with an estimate and handle everything from for you so you have minimal interruption to your day. This can be used for appointments or for unscheduled and/or emergency repairs.

This feature is great for a vehicle that has broken down and needs to be towed to our facility after hours. Tow truck drivers know to put the keys in the box with your information and we follow up the next business day to go over the vehicle issues you are having so a timely repair can happen. Many customers that work second or third shift find the drop box to be extremely convenient. These customers are able to arrange for a ride after they drop their vehicle off after hours. If the appointment is scheduled many times the repairs are finished before the person even needs the vehicle again and if they are unscheduled we have rental cars for repairs that may require a longer time frame than is possible for the customer.


Carz R’ Us provides transportation for customers where possible and necessary. For oil changes and small services typically a ride is not necessary as we are a quick lube. With an appointment there is almost never a wait for a tire repair, oil change, light bulb replacement and other quick jobs. If more work is necessary or the repairs are longer than the above mentioned services we arrange for the most economical method of transportation. This may be a friend, family member or co-worker meeting the customer at our facility, a rental car or one of our friendly staff providing a ride to work. This is determined on a case-by-case basis and, if possible, should try to be arranged ahead of time.

Tow Company

Carz R’ Us is very fortunate to have a great relationship with a tow company that provides the kind of excellence we offer. This relationship is extremely beneficial to our customers in numerous ways. Some of the larger benefits to our partnership is a 24 hour towing service that will make sure your vehicle is towed properly. Many times tow companies can damage the vehicle if it is not lifted properly and in the correct location on the vehicle. Our team has great people that are honest and very educated on how to best handle your vehicle to avoid potential damage.

If you are broke down you will be prioritized as much as possible when you mention you are a Carz R’ Us customer due to our great relationship. Our tow company can bill AAA, insurance companies or directly to us and we just add it to your invoice so you do not have to be at your vehicle to pay the tow company. This is a very nice convenience for the customer and the tow company can handle more business as they just invoice us.

The most important aspect of the towing is that our after-hours voice mail has their phone number in case you have an emergency. If you break down just call our number and acquire the tow company phone number. They will be timely, very competitively priced and treat you with respect and honesty. We have seen some very outrageous prices for towing so this is an important aspect when keeping your budget in mind. Please call with any questions and we will make sure you are well taken care of in any emergency.

2-year, 24,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty

To assist in helping with any emergency Carz R’ Us offers our Tech Net program. This amazing program offers anyone that has work performed at Carz R’ Us a 2-year, 24,000 mile nationwide warranty on most services. This means that if any part fails that we have replaced and is under 2-years or 24,000 miles (whichever comes first) the part will be replaced as long as you use a Tech Net shop. We provide you with a sticker on your invoice with the Tech Net phone number for any vehicle issues outside of 25 miles from Carz R’ Us.

The other benefits to this program are free roadside assistance, free towing up to $75 and accountability from the shop you are referred to. One of the worst feelings is to have your vehicle break down out of town and not know who to use or where to go. Through the Tech Net referral network you will be referred to another shop that has accountability to Tech Net customers. If you were to have a bad experience, feel you did not receive top-notch customer service or have any other issue we can speak to Tech Net directly and have the issue resolved for YOU. This is peace of mind that is very difficult to provide, especially when you are stuck on the side of the road a thousand miles from home.


Carz R’ Us is very fortunate in our ability to offer quality financing to our customers. This is something that can assist to have necessary repairs performed that may not have otherwise been affordable, but also gives customers flexibility in how they decide to pay for their repairs. There are several programs that are offered through our partnerships for financing.

Any invoice over $250 qualifies as a purchase that is eligible for financing. Applications take a couple minutes and can be submitted at Carz R’ Us or over the phone. Approval is almost immediate so we know if all, part or none of the job has been approved for financial assistance. This option for financing is a credit card and you actually receive a $25 gift card in the mail after approval and use of the card.

The options for financing are over $250 you can choose 6-months same as cash (pay this off before the 6-months are over or the interest accrued during the term is added to the amount owed. If paid within the 6-months there is no interest paid) or invoices over $750 qualify for zero percent interest for 12-months. Minimum payments are required for the 12-months zero interest, but both of these options offer great payment arrangements that will save you money.

Our other option is a local company and they are great with working with your particular situation. If you wish to build credit it is a great idea to acquire a credit line through our local partner and ask for that line to be increased every 6-months or so. With this approach you will have the credit available when the need arises and have a great option to work with as a safeguard to keep you safe and on the road.

Most importantly, if there are three items needed now and they are not addressed in three months they are going to be worse and now it could be a much more expensive repair. Having repairs performed when recommended saves you a ton of money over the life of your vehicle as you are performing preventative rather than reactive maintenance. Please call, email or stop in to inquire further about our financing options and to apply.