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Cabin Air Filter: Signs it Needs to be Changed

As part of our tune-up service, we replace the vehicle’s engine air filter and cabin air filter. One maintenance item missed by many people is a cabin air filter. Most people know to change the engine air filter, but forget or do not know their vehicle has a cabin air filter. This is critical, because it filters the air you breathe. The AC filter, also known as the cabin air filter, removes contaminants from the air that is ventilated through the vehicle’s air conditioning system.

The cabin air filter keeps the cabin as comfortable as possible for passengers by removing pollutants such as dust, dirt, and allergens found in the air during the summer months. Like an engine air filter, they also become dirty and clogged with use and need to be replaced periodically.

We recently had a 2007 Saturn Vue in the shop with what appeared to be the factory 10-year old cabin air filter. The air in this vehicle was not safe to breathe. Do not ignore the signs. One of the most common symptoms of a clogged or damaged cabin air filter is reduced airflow. You may also notice an increased amount of dust and possibly allergens in the cabin, especially if you have allergies. When a filter is clogged or damaged, it is no longer able to adequately filter air.

Changing the cabin air filter should be on your preventative maintenance checklist, and is included in all Carz R’ Us tune-ups. However, the next time you get into your vehicle and crank up the AC, we encourage you to think about the last time you changed your cabin air filter and look for signs of reduced airflow or an increased amount of dust in the cabin. If you cannot remember the last time you changed the filter, or if you suspect it may have never been changed, give us a call. We are here to help keep you and your family safe.

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