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carzrustiresTires are many times not noticed in good driving conditions. When the first snowfall hits many people realize their tires do not have sufficient tires and attempt to react to this situation. This can be a major safety issue as stopping is based mainly on brakes and tires. Many times tires are worn on the edge more than the center, may have a gash on the inside of the tire or other issues that are not seen due to the fact they are not visible from the exterior of the vehicle.

During our oil changes we give every vehicle a complete and comprehensive vehicle inspection to help you avoid having tires that you “hope” will have good traction. This is one of the easiest items to prevent when the vehicle is inspected on a lift as all sides of the tires are visible as well as if the tire is wearing evenly. Many times tire replacement is a budgetary item as they are not a cheap item; especially to replace them with quality tires and vehicles are increasing tire size very rapidly. This increases consumer cost, which we love the look, but not the replacement cost.

By having all regular maintenance serviced at Carz R’ Us we assist you in having a preventative maintenance budget. Tires are the perfect example as, unless a blowout occurs or a major suspension failure, replacement can be planned for well in advance. Through advanced planning and knowledge expected cost customers can budget for a more quality tire, thus keeping their family safer.

tire-rack-carz-r-usCarz R’ Us is very competitive on tire prices and sell almost any brand. As important as price is value; we will provide a great value when you purchase tires from us. We provide free tire rotations with tire purchases of two or more tires. A set of four new tires will last an average of over 10,000 miles longer with proper rotation and inflation. We handle the rotations for you by telling you when they are necessary and help you to be educated on proper air pressure for your vehicle. Your suspension is inspected with every oil change as well, helping to avoid wear due to faulty suspension parts or alignment issues. This saves cost and helps to avoid premature replacement due to uneven wear or early wear.

While box stores and tire outlets scream low price, our customers often tell us that by the time the job is complete, with all the add-on charges, they would have been better off buying their tires from us. More importantly, we look at the whole car, when a customer of ours comes in for new tires, we frequently are able to inform them about leaks, worn belts and hoses or other issues we see while installing their tires. We are not just a tire shop, we are here to make sure you and your family travel safely.


    • Michelin
    • BF Goodrich
    • Bridgestone
    • Carlisle
    • Continental
    • Cooper Zeon
    • Dayton
    • Dunlop
    • Falken
    • Firestone
      • Fuzion
      • General
      • Goodyear
      • Kelly
      • Kenda
      • Kuhmo
      • Mastercraft
      • Pirelli
      • Primewell
      • Toyo
      • Uniroyal
      • Yokohama

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