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Our Story

Founded in 2009 by brothers Matt and Ray Aukes, Carz R Us is an automotive service center located in the heart of Machesney Park, Illinois. What initially began as a small shop on Ralston Road, Carz R Us has grown to become a state-of-the-art, 10-bay shop with plenty of room for expansion. So, how did we get here? We’d love to share our story.

Matt and Ray grew up around cars, but their love for music came first. Both Matt and Ray attended NIU and majored in music. After graduation, Matt taught high school band for six years, and Ray performed music professionally. When the brothers started working on their late father’s 1967 Camaro, they discovered their love for cars. The wheels were in motion, so to speak, and the idea of starting a family-owned and -operated business began.

To lay the groundwork for success, Ray worked as a mechanic at a local automotive shop, where he took on the role of head tech and continued to train and enhance his skills. Matt focused his efforts on learning about business by training in taxes, legal and real estate.

In November 2008, Matt and Ray purchased their first location – a building with an auto repair shop, restaurant, and salon. When the building was slated for demolition due to the widening of Ralston Road, the brothers made a bold decision and built Carz R Us as it looks today close by, on the southwest corner of Routes 173 and 251.

Despite your standard “brotherly” disagreements, Matt and Ray’s partnership has been a successful one, and family plays a big role in that success. Their wives (both named Melissa, and yes, this is very confusing), mom, Renae, and aunt, Rita, help at the shop.

Carz R Us thrives on building relationships with its clients and in the community and continues to support local organizations and schools through many initiatives, including its School Loyalty Program. We’d love to get to know you and show you how our family can serve your family with the highest level of technical and client service. Our story is just beginning – we hope you’ll join us for the ride!

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