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Digital Health Inspection

Digital Health Inspection

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Experience the Carz R Us difference with a complimentary, detailed digital health inspection; performed with any service.

Carz R Us performs a digital vehicle health inspection with any service, complimentary to you as our client. This comprehensive inspection will give you an outline of the services your vehicle requires now, and those you should anticipate and budget for down the road. How you proceed is up to you! 

Why Perform a Digital Health Inspection?

This state-of-the-art inspection is like a “check-up” for your vehicle and provides visual information about the condition of your vehicle’s most vital components. The inspection, using photos and videos, allows you to see what your vehicle requires rather than someone telling you. It shows you exactly where your vehicle requires attention, and a priority order for the repairs and maintenance. With this valuable insight, you’ll leave our shop with a detailed action plan that will keep you and your wallet happy.

Understanding My Digital Health Inspection

The digital health inspection report includes results from four distinct categories. These include a vehicle walk around, inside the car, under the hood and under the car, performed by one of our ASE technicians. The report is organized into three categories: red, yellow and green, and includes photos, videos and a detailed observation of each area. See our sample digital inspection for what components are inspected in each category.


When you have a clear understanding of your vehicle’s needs, you can respond and budget appropriately. We’ll walk you through your inspection results and our recommendations, but we’ll never pressure you do have a service performed. When you proceed with repairs it is entirely up to you. Our goal is to inform, educate and ultimately keep you and your passengers safe. However, if it is a safety issue we will make sure we communicate this to you and make it the highest priority.

Needs Future Attention

Examples of future needs would be brake pads that are between 20-30% (recommend replacement is 10-15%), shocks or struts that are close to age or mileage-based replacement, timing belt or tune-ups that are close to mileage based, etc. The goal of the future attention is to help create a preventative budget. This allows our clients to prevent a lot of repairs due to replacing components before they fail. Many of these recommendations come from our Service Advisors as most of them are mileage and/or age based.

Needs Immediate Attention

Examples of immediate repairs are loose steering and/or suspension components (ball joints, tie rods, etc.), brakes that are metal to metal up to 15%, coolant leaks, etc. The goal of the immediate attention area is to provide you with visual evidence of the needs, so you can see what we are recommending, why we are recommending it and why it is immediate. Our goal is to create transparency through this inspection. Our goal is not to sell you something, but you to make an informed decision as to why it is beneficial to have a service performed for you and your family.

If you would like more information about a Carz R Us complimentary digital vehicle health inspection, preventative maintenance plans, or if have any questions please contact us.


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What our clients are saying.

"The digital inspection allowed me to see things I didn’t know existed in my vehicle. The fact that I could see digital images of the repairs being performed helped explain the repairs in a way I could completely understand."

"I’m a teacher, and started coming to Carz R Us because of their involvement in my school and the community. I started with an oil change, and have since added extra services because I trust the staff and quality of service."

"I started using Carz R Us because of their amazing shuttle service. They would come and get my car, fix it and bring it back. That means I can keep working and not have to schedule repairs outside of my available time."

"I started coming to Carz R Us because they were close to home and I love to shop local. Every time I drove by, the lot was full of cars coming in and out, and with the doors open I could see the attention to detail and care in the cleanliness of the shop."

"Excellent service and a friendly environment. They offered a loan car while mine was getting repaired. My car is running perfectly. I found my mechanics for future business!"

"The crew was great, took care of my vehicle with professionalism. We are full time RVers and only spend part of our time in this area, it is important to us to have a repair facility and a crew that we can trust."

"Outstanding customer service and exceptional auto repair service!! Their cutting edge technology utilizing digital inspection in addition to texting me pictures of the repairs that were needed was beyond impressive!! I highly recommend Carz R Us for any of your auto needs!! They are fantastic!!"

"Always friendly. Very transparent with vehicle needs and repairs. Highly recommend!!!"

"I’ve never been to a a car shop before that spent so much time educating their customers. Every time I go in for service I walk away with a thorough understanding of what my car needs. Im able to plan accordingly of what’s most important to get done now and what things can wait depending on my budget. And even more importantly they really care about their people which is why I keep coming back."

"I have come here with in the last year for service on my old 2010 Hyundai Sonata and now my 2015 Kia Sorrento. They are fast friendly and tell you exactly what is and isn’t wrong with your car. Another cool feature they have that I LOVE is the texting with an inspection along with it. Included are pictures with it as well. I highly recommend them!"

"Good service at a fair price. The work was completed as stated and did not try to sell me on other items I really did not want it need. Also had the loaner car, if you need that. Highly recommend these guys."

"I bring all my cars here, including my 2005 & 2006 C6 Corvette. They also work on my 2014 Kia Forte. They are the only ones I trust with my cars."

"Best oil change experience. I had a coupon but i would even go back at regular price. Staff is knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Keep up the good work"

"I took my 2014 Honda Accord in for an oil change service and was pleased with the amount of detail the inspection provided! Very knowledgeable staff, I was able to easily have my air filters changed too! Quick in and out with a kid friendly waiting room full of toys and a fish tank! My daughter loves it!"

"I brought a 2006 Ford Mustang in for a pre-purchase inspection. They were very thorough and told me exactly what I needed to pay attention to in the near future and showed me how clean the car was underneath as far as any surface rust went. I felt confident in the purchase of the car after that. These guys know what they're talking about and will make sure you understand everything as well."

"I'm a regular customer but am usually only here maybe twice a year; they still greet me by name and ask how I've been. I just came for an oil change and a quick check on something I thought might be an issue- they checked it out and went over the results with me and make sure I understand what they are doing and why. Friendly, great service and a local business."

"I don’t EVER do google reviews but i felt this was much deserved...
I’m moving To SC and thus driving across the country.. They were able to get me in the week of and Give my car the TLC needed to make it down there. I don’t trust people easily, especially when it comes to cars, but I trust these guys. They didn’t try to push any unnecessary work on me Like many other car shops might. Even though there are other things my car could use but weren’t pertinent to getting me down to SC. Integrity is the word that comes to mind... They even offer veteran and military discounts and came and picked me up when my car was done... would recommend 11 out of 10 times!"

"Whenever I need work on my two cars I always take them to Carz R us. The staff is very helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone who needs service."

"Great place! Honest and personable. Loyal to the customers and to the community... Particularly the schools. Make them your 'car guys'."

"Great place! Honest and personable. Loyal to the customers and to the community... Particularly the schools. Make them your 'car guys'."

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