Exhaust systems are designed and built to make your vehicle quiet, and safe for emissions. The exhaust system has numerous components that can fail and make it loud. If you have loud exhaust, see something hanging down farther than it used to, have a rattling noise upon start up or hitting bumps, these can all be exhaust issues. There are a lot of other exhaust issues that you may not know can be related to your exhaust such as a check engine light, run-ability issues and more. Here at Carz R Us, our certified technicians can address just about any of your exhaust needs.


Our exhaust services include:

  • Muffler
  • Heat shield
  • Flex pipe
  • Catalytic converter
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Exhaust pipe
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Exhaust hangers
  • Resonator

Prices Vary.

Please contact us for appointment.

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What our clients are saying.

"The digital inspection allowed me to see things I didn’t know existed in my vehicle. The fact that I could see digital images of the repairs being performed helped explain the repairs in a way I could completely understand."

"I’m a teacher, and started coming to Carz R Us because of their involvement in my school and the community. I started with an oil change, and have since added extra services because I trust the staff and quality of service."

"I started using Carz R Us because of their amazing shuttle service. They would come and get my car, fix it and bring it back. That means I can keep working and not have to schedule repairs outside of my available time."

"I started coming to Carz R Us because they were close to home and I love to shop local. Every time I drove by, the lot was full of cars coming in and out, and with the doors open I could see the attention to detail and care in the cleanliness of the shop."